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                  我来中国留学第六个月的时候,进入到五十七中初一八班。虽然一开始不熟悉新的环境,但是我只要有困难我们班同学都愿意帮助我,一起度过难关。八班就像一个大家庭。我的班主任乔欣老师,该严格时非常严格,该温柔时很温柔地对待我们。我非常感谢乔欣老师和八班同学们对我的关心和爱护!In the sixth month that I came to study in China, I entered into the Junior One Class Eight. Although I was not familiar with the new environment at the beginning, as long as I had any troubles, my classmates were willing to help me and saw me through troubles. Class Eight was like a big family. The head teacher Qiao Xin of our class was very strict when it was necessary and very gentle when it was necessary. I was very grateful to the concern and care from teacher Qiao Xin and classmates of Class Eight!


                 到了高中,一开始在二班学习,二班是个实验班,同学们虽然学习任务重,但是我们班同学的脸上从不失去笑容。上了高二我转到文科班,在高二七班的生活是六年校园生活当中最幸福的一年。在老师们与同学们的关怀下,我感受不到孤独。我的高中三年是我人生中最幸福,最美好的时间段。When I entered high school, I started learning in Class Two. It was an experimental class. The students had a heavy learning task, but our classmates never lose smiles in face. In Senior Two, I transferred to liberal arts class. Life in Senior Two Class Seven was the happiest year in my six years of campus life. Under the care of teachers and students, I never felt lonely. My three years in high school is the happiest and best moment of my life.  


                 我的目标是北京大学,经过不断努力,最终考入了北京大学中文系。 努力拼搏战胜困难的历程让我成长了很多。我感谢五十七中给我留下这么美好的六年回忆。我爱五十七中!谢谢我的母校!My goal was Peking University. After continuous efforts, I was eventually admitted to the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Peking University. That I worked hard to overcome difficulties made me grow up a lot. I thank Beijing 57 Middle School for leaving me such a beautiful six-year memory. I love Beijing 57 Middle School! Thank you, my Alma Mater!

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