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                 时光飞逝,转眼间我成为一名大学生。我在五十七中学习了6年,我想用幸福来形容。初中迎接我的是四班,当时我对新环境非常陌生,不敢和中国同学交流,是四班的同学们和老师先接近了我,融化我冰冷的心。四班像一个家一样,温馨又美好。特别感谢班主任倪晶老师,让我学会做人,让我走上人生正确的道路。Time flies, and I have become a college student in a blink of eyes. I had studied in Beijing 57 Middle School for six years. I would like to use happiness to describe it. In Junior high school, I was in Class Four. At the moment, I was very unfamiliar to the new environment and dared not to communicate with Chinese students. Students and teachers of Class Four firstly approached me and melt my cold heart. Class Four was like a big family, warm and beautiful. Special thanks to my head teacher Ni Jing who made me learn to behave myself and put me on the right road of life.


                 上了高中第一个进入的是三班,虽然是个普通班,但是同学们学习都非常认真,这种好的学习环境,使我更好地学习,打下良好的基础。第二个进入的是七班,也是我最喜欢的班级,这个班级被我称为“野狼班”平时我们都各自干自己的事,但是只要是有什么活动,我们毫不犹豫地团结在一起,积极参加活动,我们还一起参加文艺汇演,一起设计中秋节,一起争取运动会奖项。如今我们都已毕业,各奔东西,我真的希望他们所有人学业有成,万事如意。When I entered high school, I started learning in Class Three. Although it was a regular class, the students were very serious about learning. This good learning environment made me learn better and lay a good foundation. Then I entered Class Seven which was my favorite class. I called this class as "Wolf Class". We usually did our own things, but as long as there was any activity, we did not hesitate to come together and actively participated in the activity. We also participated in art show together, designed Mid-Autumn Festival activity together, and fought for awards of sports meeting together. Now we have graduated and drifted apart. I really hope that all of them achieve academic excellence. May all go well with them!

                  特别感谢五十七中学老师和同学们六年来对我的支持和鼓励,感谢母校在我人生中给予我这么美好的六年。现在真的要和五十七中说再见了,我最后想说,我爱你五十七!Special thanks to teachers and students of Beijing 57 Middle School for their support and encouragement in the last six years. Thanks to my Alma Mater for giving me such a beautiful six-year in my life. Now I really have to say goodbye to Beijing 57 Middle School. Finally, I want to say I love you, Beijing 57 Middle School!

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