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                  From 24 September to 8 October,2016, 22 persons of our school visited two sister schools in Britain. During the exchange, our teachers and students entered the British classroom and experienced the British education. We carried out extensive exchange activities with the British teachers and students and promoted Chinese and the Chinese culture. Chinese students have become small ambassadors for the promotion of Chinese culture. They have demonstrated the elegance of students of Beijing 57 Middle School, and have continuously strengthened the interschool cooperation and deepened the friendship between teachers and students.    


                  During the visit, teachers and students also visited Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, Bath, Shakespeare Former Residence, the British Museum, etc., and closely experienced the British culture and customs. During the study tour, the visiting activity of the Oxford University left a profound impression on the teachers and students. Professors of the Oxford University presented us with the history of the University and the learning situation of the Oxford students. This class allows students to feel the strong academic atmosphere of the Oxford University, which greatly broadened our horizons. Approaching England, and benefit a lot!



                 Oxford University is a well-known leading university in the world. A lesson in this school may be the dream of thousands of students. In such a small age, we have done a thing that other people may not be able to complete in their whole life. At that moment, I think, I must make the best of myself and study hard wherever.- Junior Two Class 7 Liu Chang    


                 When we are parting, I yearn for the life in Britain very much, but after all I am a Chinese. Although I am in an alien land, I still have a Chinese heart.- Junior Two Class 6 Wu Haotian   


                 When Teacher Ranv heard that I liked music very much, he specially invited me to sing for his whole family. This made me feel more confident. My English level has been greatly improved throughgetting along with the teacher’s family. I also became more lively.- Senior Two Class 3 Du Jingxuan

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