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            播撒汉语和中国文化的种子 在意大利小城生根、开花

            阅读:21981人次 时间:2017-02-17 19:38:32


                 我校作为国家汉办汉语推广基地校于2011年6月和意大利戈里齐亚但丁高中合建了孔子课堂,到今年孔子课堂已经成立五周年。目前乔桂霞老师任孔子课堂中文教师,全面负责教学和管理工作。通过她的努力孔子课堂的工作进一步发展。As Chinese language promotion base school of Hanban , our school jointly opened a Confucious Classroom in June, 2011, in cooperation with Dante High School in Gorizia, Italy, To this day, it has been the fifth anniversary of the Confucius Classroom. At present, Teacher Qiaoguixiaacts as the Chinese teacher of the Confucius Classroom and isfully responsible for the teaching and management work. Under her efforts, the work of the Confucius Classroom has been further developed.    

                 2016年在两校领导老师的共同努力下,汉语课已经成为了但丁高中的必修课。除孔子课堂学生外,又吸引了当地6所中学300多名学生来课堂学习中文和中国文化。孔子课堂的优秀学生大卫和马蒂儿同学被选送到57中学习汉语,大卫达到HSK5级,马蒂儿达到HSK3级。此外乔老师还举办了中国新年庆祝活动、中国文化节活动以及孔子课堂五周年庆典活动。在活动中推广中国文化、让意大利学生用中文表演节目、用中文介绍在中国交流的感受等,汇报和展示汉语学习的成果。当地报纸报道了活动的相关内容,乔老师因此受到市长的接待和赞赏。罗马国会议员LAURA女士、戈里奇亚省教育部及文化部部长参加了相关活动,表示会继续支持孔子课堂发展,让更多的意大利学生学好汉语、了解中国文化!Under the common efforts of leaders and teachers of both schools, in 2016, Chinese course has become a required course in Dante High School. Besides the students of the Confucius Classroom, more than 300 students from 6 local middle schools were selected and sent to Beijing 57 Middle School to learn Chinese and Chinese culture. The excellent students of Confucius Institute David and Martilwere selected and sent to Beijing 57 Middle School to study Chinese. David has achieved HSK5 level, and Martil has achieved HSK3 level. In addition, Teacher Qiao also organized Chinese New Year Celebration, Chinese Culture Festival and the 5thAnniversary Celebration of the Confucius Classroom. In these events, Chinese culture was promoted, the Italian students put on performance in Chinese and introducedthe feeling of exchange in China in Chinese,and achievement of Chinese learning was also reported and displayed. Local newspaper reportedon relevant content of the events, and Teacher Qiao is received and praised by the mayor. Ms. Laura, member of Rome Parliament, minister of education and culture department of Gorizia, participated in relevant events, and expressed that they would continue to support the development of the Confucius Classroom so as to make more Italian students better learn Chinese and understand Chinese culture!    

                 乔桂霞老师在意大利戈里奇亚深受学生和家长的喜爱,越来越多的意大利学生选学她的中文课,在当地掀起了学习汉语的热潮!中国文化在意大利小城生根、开花!Teacher QiaoGuixia is well received by students and parents in Gorizia, Italy. More and more Italian students choose to take her Chinese course, and a boom of learning Chinese has raised in the local place! Chinese culture takes root and blooms in Italian town!

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