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            遇见意大利 难忘交流情

            阅读:35064人次 时间:2017-02-17 20:00:59


                 2016年9月29日到10月13日,我校李会菊老师、闫小毛老师带领16名学生到意大利但丁高中孔子课堂交流访问。师生们参观了罗马、佛罗伦萨,庞贝古城、威尼斯等地点,还和我校意大利孔子课堂的师生开展广泛深入的交流活动,传播中文和中国文化。我校的师生被意大利的古老文明、悠久文化深深吸引,也和意大利师生结下深厚友谊!遇见意大利,难忘交流情!From September 29 to October 13, 2016, 16 students visited the Confucius Classroom of Italy Dante High School in the leadership of two teachers of our school, Li Huiju and Yan Xiaomao. Teachers and students of our school visited Rome, Florence, Pompeii Ancient City, Venice and other places, and also carried out extensive and in-depth exchanges with teachers and students of the Confucius Classroom in Italy to spread Chinese and Chinese culture. Our teachers and students are deeply attracted by the ancient civilization and culture of Italy, and also have established deep friendship with Italian teachers and students! Acquaintance with Italy and unforgettable exchanges!.



                我不舍得我的接待家庭,我不舍得那个小小的戈里齐亚城市,我不舍得意大利这个美丽的国家,这次的意大利游学让我了解了意大利的文化,历史与生活,我爱意大利!-初二5班 孙心 I am not willing to leave my host family. I am not willing to leave the tiny city, Gorizia. I am not willing to leave the beautiful country,Italy. This Italian tour allows me know the Italian culture, history and life. I love Italy!
            - Junior Two Class 5 Sun Xin
               在看到自己穿着汉服的样子时,我的朋友激动地用意大利语不住地赞叹。看着她蹦蹦跳跳地去给家人看的时候,我从每个人的眼中看到了惊艳。中华民族自豪的血脉在我心里开始奔腾。汉服在他们眼里、心里成了极其高贵典雅的服饰。-高二6班 谷若言   When my Italian friend saw herself dressed in Han Chinese clothing, she exclaimed in Italian with excitement. Watching her bouncing to her family to show them, I see amazement from everyone s eyes. My blood of the Chinese nation began galloping in my heart. Han Chinese clothing became extremely noble and elegant in their eyes.
            - Senior Two Class 6 Gu Ruoyan

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