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                美国当地时间2016年12月1日—12月2日,在“蓝带优质学校高峰论坛”上,海淀区五十七中学刘晓昶校长做了精彩演讲,与世界各国参会代表进行充分交流,向美国参会嘉宾充分传播海淀教育声音,展示了海淀教育的形象和魅力。From December 1 to December 2, 2016, the US local time, in the "Blue Ribbon High-quality School Summit Forum", Liu Xiaochang, the principal of the Beijing 57 Middle School in the Haidian District made an excellent speech, made an extensively communication with representatives of various countries around the world, fully propagated the voices of Haidian education to the US participants, and showed the image and charm of the Haidian education.    

                五十七中学刘晓昶校长的演讲从未来21世纪学生需要的能力以及当前中国教育从学科知识转向学生能力发展的改革理念作为切入点,从“About Us(概况)、Challenge(挑战)、Strategy(策略)、Achievement(成就)”四大部分对学校进行了全方位展示,并着重介绍了学校满足学生需求的多样化课程建构以及学校综合创新特色教育——飞行员培养教育。The speech of Liu Xiaochang, the principal of the Beijing 57 Middle School, chose the required capabilities of students of the 21st century, as well as the reform concepts of the current Chinese education of transferring from the subject knowledge to the student capability development as the entry points. The speech comprehensively demonstrated our school from four major parts including “About Us”, “Challenge”, “Strategy” and “Achievement”. It also emphatically introduced the diversified curriculum construction which met the needs of our students, as well as the school comprehensive and innovative characteristic education---pilot training and education.    

                学校发挥创造力,克服空间有限的困难,建设了天文馆、3D实验室、机器人实验室、陶艺、油画等多个专业教室,满足学生多样化的学习与成长需求,为学生综合能力提升和个性发展提供了保障。学校先进的教育理念、科学的课程设计、多样化的专业教室、丰富的国际交流活动,以及刘校长流畅的英文演讲获得了现场听会嘉宾的由衷赞叹。The school exploited creativity, overcame the difficulty of limited space, and built a number of professional classrooms such as planetarium, 3D lab, robot lab, pottery, oil painting, and so on. All these satisfied the diversified learning and growth needs of students, and guaranteed the enhancement of students comprehensive ability and personality development. The schools advanced educational philosophy, scientific curriculum design, diversified professional classrooms, rich international exchange activities, and the smooth English speech delivered by principal Liu won the heartfelt admiration of the guests at the spot.

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